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Friday, 17 June 2016


Our know-everything man, Martin Jensen, adds another revelation to our blog:

I've told you many wonderful things before and thank you for your appreciation. But it occurred to me lately that you may never have come across this marvel.

Spinach is a wonderful vegetable and there are many who appreciate it in spinach quiche or rolls, for instance - particularly vegetarians. But how is it that the world still does not know that lemon juice on spinach transforms this iron-rich treat to ambrosia?

I once mentioned this fact to an up-market waiter in a major city hotel. His eyes widened with recognition and he affirmed my statement with great verve. But when I tell others, do they respond?  No! Hardly anyone seems to know that lemon juice on spinach transforms a wonderful health food into the equivalent of food for the gods.

Yes, this is a personal crusade. I am telling the world. If you don't know, try it yourself. All you need is half a lemon and some spinach.

Spinach with lemon juice, people. Read, mark and inwardly digest! 


Martin Jensen is the author of How to Get What You Want and How to Get Fit Without Exercise. Now available on