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Thursday, 11 June 2015

Can science explain the cosmic mind? This radical book says such a possibility is approaching.

Can we apply quantum physics to the phenomenon of consciousness? An expert in the field, Italian astrophysicist Dr. Massimo Teodorani Ph.D. , has done so in a revolutionary new book, The Hyperspace of Consciousness, now published by Buzzword. STOP PRESS: This book will also be available next week in a print version published by Wisehouse-Elementa (Sweden).

The Author: Dr. Teodorani obtained his degree in Astronomy and his Ph.D. in Stellar Physics at the University of Bologna. As a researcher at the Astronomical Observatories of Bologna and Naples, and later at the INAF Radiotelescope of Medicina (BO), he has been involved in research on many types of explosive stellar phenomena – such as supernovae, novae, eruptive protostars and high-mass close binary stars – and, more recently, in the search for extrasolar planets and extraterrestrial intelligence within the SETI Project. He subsequently taught physics as a lecturer at the University of Bologna, Rome and Torino. Among his research interests there is also an active involvement in the physics study of anomalous aerial phenomena. He is an expert in military aeronautics. In addition to many technical papers in the mentioned subjects, he has published 17 books and several informative articles on quantum physics, atomic and nuclear physics, astronomy, astrophysics, bioastronomy, physics of anomalous atmospheric phenomena and aerospace subjects. He is a frequent guest on the media and has lectured widely. So his book is no mere speculation but an intensive study of the latest scientific discoveries and their relevance to a possible nexus between mind and matter.

The book: Elaborates the theories of Physicist David Bohm and the latest quantum discoveries, explores the role of consciousness inside a bigger cosmic project where mind and matter are linked As the subject is abstruse, we consider it best to let the author introduce his own work on this forum:

"What if the role of consciousness subsists inside a bigger cosmic project where mind and matter are aspects of each other and a subtle communication between all the living beings is constantly actuated using the quantum entanglement mechanism? The book postulates that information is non-locally stored inside the quantum vacuum, in the ambit of my “Big Library Hypothesis” (BLH), a new interpretation of the so called “Akasha” concept now interpreted in the light of physics and informatics. It also examines how matter is created and recreated from the quantum vacuum (being the seat of consciousness) and about extraterrestrial intelligence and potential methods to communicate with it using non-local methods (although fully scientific in the physical sense). Much in the book, although speculative in part, concerns the possible ways to violate the Laws of Nature and the possibility that the so called “magic” can be explained scientifically (using mostly quantum theory).

"There is also a discussion about shamanism, esotericism and “atavistic figures” of religion seen in a new light. Much in the book is dedicated to a scientific interpretation about what the spirit and the soul really are and about their immortality as a quantum information system. Finally, a special chapter is devoted to a detailed theory explaining the nature of some “anomalous unidentified aerial phenomena”, where physical science and ancient wisdom are equated. The book is not a collection of random ideas, but original thinking matured during years of study and research. The study is authenticated by ample documentation both in the text and in the extensive reference section where more than 100 sources are cited. A dictionary of scientific words that may be unfamiliar is also included.  The book – although being “visionary” – at some points, has nothing to do with New Age but with explorative and frontier Science. It is addressed to curious and forward thinking people of who believe both in the rigour of science and in a healthy (even courageous) openmindedness. And also to the many scholars – including philosophers, psychologists, spiritualists, parapsychologists and metaphysicists – who study and/or practise spirituality and the phenomena arising from it."

Commentary: This book is a departure for Buzzword Books which has never considered publishing a scientific explication on this subject. It may interest you to read the author's brief summary of his chapters and their content:

Chapter 1 – The weird world of quantum physics

This is a very ample and complete presentation of the most important concepts of classical quantum physics, including some basic equations. EPR and double-slit experiments (and their implications) are also discussed.

Chapter 2 – Quantum entanglement and consciousness

This is a discussion of all the most important concepts about the quantum entanglement mechanism, in the light of Bohm’s ontological physics. Bohm’s metaphors and the concepts of explicate and implicate orders are described as well. Some basic equations – in which the concepts of “pilot wave” and quantum potential are introduced – are included and their meaning is deeply discussed. Much is stressed on the fact that matter and consciousness cannot exist the one without the other.

Chapter 3 – A quantum pilot for the body

This is a presentation of the most advanced ideas about quantum electrodynamic coherence and its application to the living being. Gariaev’s, Popp’s and Del Giudice’s ideas and findings are exposed. The importance of biophotons and DNA is discussed.

Chapter 4 – The quantum brain

This is a very ample description and discussion about Penrose-Hameroff’s theory (OrchOr) about “quantum brain”, based on the concept of quantum coherence of microtubules in the brain. The way in which consciousness moments are formed is explained in great detail. A constant comparison with Bohm theory is done, where consciousness (implicate order) and its neural correlate (brain) cannot exist the one without the other. A up-scaled comparison with a bigger “quantum universe” is finally mentioned (Zizzi’s theory).

Chapter 5 – A quantum spirit?

The idea about soul/spirit intended as informative systems (and not transcendent concepts) is introduced in the ambit of a model in which physics of information is invoked and where the spirit is the implicate order of the body. Immortality and syntropy of information is introduced as well.

Chapter 6 – The spirit and synchronicity

This quite important chapter describes the joint work by Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli about a mechanism (“quaternary diagram”) able to describe and explain the synchronicity phenomenon. A comparison with Bohm’s physics is constantly discussed. The Global Consciousness Project is also mentioned.

Chapter 7 – Multidimensionality and synchronicity

This deals with a speculative model of this author explaining phenomena such as synchronicity and premonition. The hypothesis of different dimensions of time is discussed too. Everett’s many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics and superstring theory are discussed as well. Consciousness is hypothesized to be an entity living simultaneously on more dimensions. In this light an explanation of lucid dreams is given as well.

Chapter 8 – BLH – the Big Library Hypothesis

This is probably the most important chapter. The discussed hypothesis deals with a non-local informatics system where information can be constantly uploaded and downloaded to/from a “cosmic supercomputer”(located in the quantum vacuum and modulated by its virtual particles) via consciousness. In this light the spirit/soul is considered as an informatics system both as software of the body and as a memory storage system. The way in which the genius (Tesla example) can be triggered this way is also discussed. The process of acquisition of information using this mode is spontaneous and may regard everyone, including shamans and indigenous people: this can happen through hypnagogic/hypnopompic visions and/or through lucid dreams. The hypothesis that such a supercomputer is the result of a (positive) hyper-technology created by a very evolved exo-intelligence (“The Builders”) is constantly discussed. The concept, in general, is that the Universe was not born by chance, although having nothing to do with religious creationism, as the setup of my model is essentially agnostic/atheistic. The concept of “God” is very rarely mentioned.

Chapter 9 – A cosmic non-local threat

This deals about two kinds of “Builders” of the Universe (masters of the quantum information): the positive ones (the correct software) and the negative ones (the Virus). In this part the negative ones are mostly discussed, after observing how the world goes. The existence of people without spirit/soul (bio-drones) is hypothesized, intended as “aircraft models” non-locally remotely controlled by a distorted intelligence.

Chapter 10 – The evolution of the Grand Design

A long discussion about the possible violation of the Pauli Exclusion Principle is presented. An alternative hypothesis about the “abduction” phenomenon is ventured. The possibility of changing the plan of the material universe, by acting on the information on which it is based, is hypothesized. The concept of “creation” of matter from the nothing is introduced, intended as something coming directly from the information stored in the quantum vacuum. The concept of “Tulpa” and “homunculus” are discussed as well, in the light of science. The idea of “particles of consciousness”and their possible connection with the Higgs Boson, is introduced. A comparison between consciousness and gravitational interaction is done in the ambit of superstrings theory. A project plan to prove or disprove scientifically the possibility that exo-intelligence from other dimensions is controlling humanity is presented.

Chapter 11 – The necessity of duality

This chapter shows how the balance of physical forces making the material (micro and macro) universe is a sort of metaphor of the balance of good and evil in our own society. When this equilibrium is broken wars may occur at all levels. The hypothesis here is that someone else is planning to destroy this equilibrium in order to destabilize the human society in order to exert a total command on it, also using neo-religions, new age sects and religious and political fanaticism.

Chapter 12 – Visions and creations
This chapter shows very extensively how the non-local informative nature of the implicate order of our universe is strictly related with the process of matter creation (explicate order): information and creation are linked by a common means, being the quantum vacuum. Subsequently, the question of religious visions (BVM) may be explained as an unconscious access to the Big Library, which would create an hologram or a true being. Much is discussed about the possible nature of hypothesized visiting “aliens” on Earth intended as Tulpa-like creations remotely created and controlled here from a hyper-intelligence from another dimension. Again a possible violation of the Pauli Exclusion Principle is discussed (entering the walls, underground bases without making any holes, Filipino healers).

Chapter 13 – BLH and astrobiological non-locality

This is certainly the most scientific chapter (including a research proposal too). It deals about a new way to make SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) research in a non-local way (from an idea by Fred Thaheld): algorithmic analysis of human EEG might allow to find possible signals inside the noise of the brainwave, being such signals sent using the mechanism of quantum entanglement. Non-local SETI (NLSETI) is constantly compared with the BLH (Big Library Hypothesis), having the first the capability to carry out scientific measurements and the second the role of triggering the human brain using icon-like images able to activate brain processes. Both (NLSETI and BLH) might be simultaneously operational both as a spontaneous process similar to the non-local connection to a “website” and as an intentional act coming from exo-intelligence. Again the physical and informatics-like nature of human consciousness is discussed.

Chapter 14 – IPH – The Intelligent Plasma Hypothesis

This chapter is partly scientific and partly speculative. It includes a long research proposal using measurement instruments. It deals with Hessdalen-like lights (on which this author did several technical publications and talks). Such plasma-like phenomenon is amply described and discussed (results obtained by this author so far and other researchers). Then a very strong hypothesis is ventured and discussed in great detail about the possible “intelligence” of some of such light balls, where plasma and its particles may acquire characteristics of quantum coherence and, like microtubules in the brain, its particles may host a form of consciousness, including possible souls of deceased persons and/or animals hanged to the plasma. This theory might explain ancient beliefs that light balls are “ascended spirits”. This hypothesis can be proved or disproved scientifically by carrying out experiments using a Laser beam and recording everything with photometric and spectroscopic instruments. The idea of BLH is amply recalled all over this chapter, as a non-local connection with a cosmic databank piloting such light balls through the remote action of exo-intelligence.

Chapter 15 – The Hierarchy and cosmic evolution

The highest evolution of sentient beings after death is hypothesized, in the ambit a project of spiritual perfection.



23 technical notes.

References: 106 cited.

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