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Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Red face is more like it!

Well, just how stupid can we be? Although we are basically an eBook publisher, we went to great trouble to upload hundreds of used books on our site. Yes, actual pre-loved books. (Buzzword used books, by the way, can only be purchased if you live in Australia. Too much fiddling with postage otherwise.) Anyway, vastly proud of ourselves, we waited for  orders to flow in.

And did they?

Not a sausage. Not a single sale. Until someone was sharp enough to try the links. None worked. Our Paypal shopping cart requires swathes of code. And yes, the code was there - but someone had forgotten to include the first line of it on each entry.

So nothing worked! Week after week!

Should we plaster egg on our faces and tell you this? Of course. 

Anyway, all fixed now. And if we have inconvenienced anyone, we grovel and apologise.

For the record, Buzzword has four Used Book sections. 

Biographies and auto-biogs of authors. 


Esoteric and Hermetic texts. 

And, just for the hell of it, a Lucky Dip section. 

All pretty pointless. But then, what isn't? 

Has it occurred to you that life is a mirage? Then the Esoteric section is for you.