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Saturday, 15 June 2019


Martin Jensen, author of How to Get What you Want, makes a plea for a large paper garbage bag. He says it will make the maker a motza.


Supermarkets in Australia have now stopped providing plastic bags—to reduce plastic waste in the oceans—a fine ecological initiative. 

But will it make a difference?

We used the bags for bin liners. Now we're forced to buy them from the stores. In other words, nothing has changed. Except that stores don't have to provide them free.

To strike a real blow for the environment, we need large paper bags that fit kitchen bins. A company that provides them will clean up. But no one has done it yet. 

Why not?

Meanwhile, I've discovered a solution that addresses two pressing issues—the demise of the daily rag and the ecology.

I almost never buy a newspaper. I get all my information from the radio and occasional glances at free papers provided gratis in local caf├ęs. But I have begun to buy The Australian once a week. It costs peanuts and is the last of the broadsheets.

And a broadsheet is what I need.

I fold a page in two, then make a paper hat. Then I tuck the edges of the hat in slightly, invert it, and it fits the kitchen bin.

That's all I wish to tell you, really. 

Go—and do thou likewise.

You can find How to Get What You Want here.

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