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Saturday, 18 May 2013

From tyro to published

Author Todd Charlton now has three books on our companion site, - Death Lust, Dust and Chaos and Everyone Else is Collecting Feathers. They are all good meaty reads. We asked the industrious Todd to write a post for the blog. Here it is:

I took John D MacDonald's advice in the introduction to Stephen King's Night Shift. Don't tell people you want to be a writer.


As with anyone, my early attempts were terrible. I wrote a fantasy novel called The Keeper Of The Godsword about the ultimate power and how it was coveted by all. What else is fantasy about? Although I liked the themes, it was pretty bad. Personally though, I kind of like it.

I wrote about 20 short stories and was nearly published in a sci-fi mag with a story called Penumbra, but I guess it just wasn't good enough.

Funnily enough one of my early stories, Proportions, was awarded a Highly Commended by a group called WRITERS WORLD in Queensland. It was about someone who loses his house and all his possessions. The twist at the end was that he was playing a game of Monopoly. That was in 1991 after I took a correspondence course.

I toiled on and off for years but I had no real experiences on which to draw inspiration.
 Then I visited Nepal.

Out of that came Dust and Chaos, my first published work on Bookbooster. It was a simple enough novella, but I learned to write simple sentences that drive the story instead of trying to be smart with complicated drivel.

My second work to see some light, Death Lust, is a zombie novella which comes from my own experience and attitudes. 

Write what you know.

My novel, Everyone Else Is Collecting Feathers, has ruffled a few. It is my attempt at an honest, ballsy little ditty about wasted lives. It began in 1995 as a truly horrible screenplay, but after years of polishing and hard work, it too was published.

The key to success is work. And more work.

I can't call myself successful yet because I haven't paid for anything with the proceeds of my labours. But I write for myself, not financial gain.

I've always loved the works of Stephen King but could never hope to imitate him. It was only when I read authors like Richard Laymon that I said to myself; I can do that....

Jack Ketchum is also a big influence. His stories based on real life terrors, written in deceptively simple prose is the thing I strive to emulate.

Right now I'm about to embark on a non-fiction book about American movie.

Todd Charlton.

You can find all Todd's novels on for $2.99

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